Wednesday, January 20, 2010

waiting in line...practice makes perfect...

darn-a-roo. ok, cutie is out for his game night tonight. i usually take that time to eat something naughty, snuggle up and either read, draw or watch tv, i try to do this all in bed. i miss doing those things in bed.
after work, i spoke to cutie before i was about ot get something tasty and naughty- he talked me out of it. (argh!) so i decided to go tomicheals, pick up some c rochet needles and some yarn. i go into micheals and dear lord- it never fails to amaze me how long the lines are in there EVERYTIME! there can be a snowstorm and there is still 2 long lines of people waiting to buy styrofoam balls, fake flowers, glitter paint, and lets not forget, ahem... crochet needles and yarn. i rarely go in there- but on the few occasions that i go- i usually wait in line for about 10 minutes- hmph!
so i get home and i open up the book i bought last night, open my new needles and yarn and start going at it. ehm- what happens next... i'm fiddling adn thing jsut don't look right. :( i decide i don't need to learn how to crochet a square- i decide i can jsut go ahead and jsut crochet "in the round". i go around and around... i have no clue what i'mdoing, but finally, i poke my finger through and it makes a little beanie for my finger! looks a bit like little finger rastafari... cute! i'm feeling hopefull cos i'm thinking this can surely be the trunk to my little crochet elephant.... once i learn how to knit the body. :) practice makes perfect you know! :)

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Cynthia said...

Ooh so excited to see this crochet elephant! Your finger puppet needs a companion : )