Sunday, January 31, 2010

well, better late than never i always say... here is what i wore on friday. as i said before, i don't dress up for work. the most i do is wear jewelry or different scarves around my neck, as well as on my head. :) i'm not sure how these pics will come out, as it seems as though every time i write a post and see the layout as i write, the pictures look perfectly in order, however, when i post, the pics go all screwy- if anyone knows how i can remedy this, please do tell... this little bunny is eager to find a solution!

the 2 pins i wear on my jacket are both vintage. the little cameo i think is kind of cute, cos the girl in the cameo has long poofy hair. most cameos that is see, the girls have their hair poofy, but is usually up. so i took a liking to it and it being only $1 at the thrift store made it even more appealing. :) i use it in place of a button that i lost off my jacket- i'm forever losing buttons! bah!

the 2nd pin shown was a gift from my cutie. he gave it to my on our first year anniversary together. i rather like it and it has become a stationary pin on my red jacket. it's from the late to early 60's to early 70's i'm guessing. it's a bit heavy and it's cute and bright. i like it, cos, well, first cos cutie got it for me, second, i don't think i've ever seen a little pin of a zinnia and since it's my name, i'm rather fond it. :) aaaah drats! i just noticed i forgot to draw my little heart locket- also a gift from my cutie- i'll draw this one later.

i'm behind on my drawings, but i think i'll skip some of the work clothes next week and perhaps draw my weekend outfits instead. not much more exciting, but better than work clothes i suppose. :) toodles noodles cynthia! ahehehe!

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Cynthia said...

Hey! Yeah the "Zinnia" flower pin is my fav too! Have you thought about planting a garden full of little Zinnia's ? I think you should give it a try : )
Hurry and post weekend outfits!