Thursday, January 28, 2010

ok- so when i originally started this blog, i had started it with the intent of drawing my daily outfits or daily adventures- as opposed to posting pictures. not to say i would never have pictures, but i wanted this blog mainly to be for my drawings- and well, obviously, i've been slacking.

so, without further ado (is that right?) here is a quick 15 minute doodle of my normal work clothes that i drew before going into work. i refuse to waste my "cute" clothes for work. i run around at work, it's not really a place to wear my cute stockings and short dresses. so let me keep my fingers crossed that i get back into the thing that i love to do and that is to draw.

fashion illustration isn't my favorite form of drawing, but since i am in the fashion business- i suppose its something i should practice. and for my quick outfit sketches, they will do.this isn't supposed to look exactly like me, obviously, but it will serve as my illustration version of me for now- hehehe. :) i'll also post of course my regular drawings as i finish them. hope you enjoy!:)

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Cynthia said...

Hey, I like! You're right though, this Fashion biz is not at all Glamorous and i don't waste my "cute" clothes on work either! I save those for the weekends-odd isn't it?
Keep up with your daily Illustrations!!!