Sunday, March 14, 2010

antiquing in san pedro

yesterday i was feeling just absolutely rotten- i literally stayed in bed all day, minus doing some laundry, i wasn't feeling well enough to actually fold anything. however, today, i woke up and flt so much better! i was deprived my saturday by feelings of queasiness and neckache. when i woke up, i decided to accept and invite from my friend hollie to go do some antiquing in san pedro. the store she originally wanted to take me to was were many of the stores, but luckily, we found a great antique store named best of times antique mall.
we found a load of really great old patterns. we would've bought the whole basket- but that would've taken my complete allowance that i put aside from my tax return. i bought 3 books, was able to narrow down the patterns i liked to 2 and a fabulous ring! it kind of looks like a little nest and 2 little pearls for prizes! :) this is the first ring i've bought in so long! i used to go antiquing quite regularly and i would indulge in fabulous vintage jewelery and have quite a collection of queer & kitschy cocktail rings and pins. so- here, the latest and greatest to add to my collection- my little gold nest ring. :)


Cynthia said...

So glad you feel better! You got your self some great things, I especially find those books interesting. think back to work so soon : ( why can't we just have one more day ???!

H. Perry said...

I brought out those patterns the other night. I would love to start working on them!

Zinnia Cress said...

hi, thanks for stopping by! :) yeah! let's start oen up- i'm actually wondering if that one thrift store has more patterns... with the move i've promised myself that i would buy no more clothes... i never said no more patterns! :) lets start a pattern project- i've never actually worked off one so it will be interesting! :)