Sunday, March 21, 2010

under construction...

ok- well- as for the few that actually follow this blog, i'm currently under construction. i want to do some stuff to my blog but am no where near to being finished. i'm fiddling with things and am just such a compy spazz that i can't figure it out. bah! oh well. it will all come together eventually... i think. ????

this last week has been a bit coo-coo. weird things at work and very strange dreams- some of which, had me actually murdering someone and then setting them on fire... DON'T ASK! then there's cleaning the apartment- which really seems to be a never ending project. is this post exciting??? no. but i think i'm just ranting on... its' my blog, i can rant if i like. :)

i have so much fabric in the apt, cutie has forbidden me to bring anymore home. we're actually trying to clean our little place and get rid of a bunch of stuff... yard sale style. next weekend i need to go to my moms and go thru a load of stuff!!! yard sale on in 2 weeks- Easter weekend, we plan to attack the church crowd. my blog has recently just been such a mish-mash pf project and ramblings- i want to fix it so i can have categories to put certain things in. i tried adding buttons- but you can see how those turned out! and now my boss is gone for the week and i have to go to work tmrw and face the week without her. sigh. oh well. well, it's not time for bed. i should try to get an early start tmrw. so i can sort some things out and then well. go home, sleep and do the same things all over again- bah!

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Cynthia said...

hey we are on the same boat sister! My boss is out for the week and things have been more stressful and crazier than usual, but when is it really not in the business we're in?! ha, well I enjoy reading your blog so no matter what you do, it will be just dandy to read so no sweating it : )