Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oldies but goodies...

One of the things i love MOST is vintage jewelry... i might even say if i saw a super awesome dress and a super awesome ring... i'd DEFINETLY go for the ring. reason being- if i see a really awesome dress...i'm not the best at sewing.. but if i reeeeeally wanted to, i can make something similar. but jewelry... i know i would never be able to duplicate some of these pieces and i have definitely kicked myself more than a few times for passing up some gorgeous vintage jewelry. even better than finding an amazing piece is when one is passed down to you. :) so here are some of my favorite pieces- some passed down to me and some bought. :)

flamingo necklace=out of the closet, alligator and silver leaf hair barrette=online find, gold leaf and grapevine cross=my great grandmothers :) , mam owl and baby owl necklace (little baby owl detaches :)= from my sissy Igs, silver floral belt buckle (needs to be shined)= my grandmother, wind up watch necklace= ventura vintage find, little vile bracelet= ventura vintage find.

double moon jem bracelet=ventura vintage find, silver onyx bracelet=passed down from Sherry :), gold and pearl plate bracelet=ventura vintage find, rings: 50's cocktail ring, brown topaz ring, gold topaz ring=ventura vintage find, bronze flower ring=out of the closet, gold circle high school ring= my mama. :)
silver stretch bracelet=ventura vintage find, silver diamond cuff bracelet= great grandmother, handbeaded pearl collar (slightly falling apart :)=estate sale

...last but not least, brown topaz gold necklace (i thought it was made in india, but it's stamped made in spain, who knew!:)= ventura vintage find and here is a full pic of my little chain bracelet with flower vile attached (when you open it, it has a little mini spoon atchd- ehehhehe)=ventura vintage find. :)

do you guys have a special lucky piece that you found or perhaps that was passed down??? i wanna see. :)


Robby Cress said...

You definitely got some great finds!

Cynthia said...

Oooh my favorite is the brown topaz gold necklace!!! I would do anything for that piece there! Hmmm..my most recent fav is a necklace my mother brought from Virginia. It is a vintage piece from the 40's her friend sells at flea markets and gave it to her for $3 ! I would post a picture up but I don't know if you can on the comments : (
Lovely things you have!