Tuesday, May 25, 2010

everything in it's place...and i can't find a thing!!!

on saturday cutie couldn't handle all the fabric around anymore- he took me to ikea and he bought a little cubby bookshelf to keep all of my fabric in. once he put it together and i put my stuff in- he was SO happy to have space and not have to look at the "mess". he is one for tidiness... and i am... well... i would call myself and "organized mess" kind of person. :) hehehe. as i was putting everything away- i found all these cute possible combinations. i'm DETERMINED to make at the least- 1 garment this weekend. whether it's a skirt or dress (i prefer a dress) above is a pic of my new fabric cubbies... thank you cutie for helping me get organized! cuddles to you!
it looks orange here- but the solid is a pink linen like fabric. :) floral print is a challis. * teh floral print fabric is copyrighted ;)
i want to make my 2nd reception dress out of this. i think want the darker gold velvet for the accent- but i love the stripe lace- very early 1900's i think- i want to wear flowers in my hair. :)
i was looking for a solid white fabric i have that i want to use for the accents for this- but now that everything is in it's place- of course i can't find diddly squat! but i did find this cute stripe that i think would go cute with the mini green and white houndstooth print. :)

i can't wait for my long weekend! i will get something finished... or i will give myself a bad talking to! (and no cookies for a week!) note to cynthia- if i don't follow through this weekend- i give you full permission to give me a scolding too!!!

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Cynthia said...

That's quite right, I will definitely be on you if you don't get a single thing done. I cannot wait to see what you come up with , better be some good ol stuff ; )