Sunday, May 16, 2010

the zinnia's are all a sprout!

last weekend i planted some little zinnia and marigold seedlings. i had cutie help me move the television out of the way of our "patio" so i can get started on my little garden. we moved figaro (my figgy tree) over and planted my little seedlings. here they are on day six. the red foldgers jar is sprouting up a storm and the tin pot seems to be taking its sweet little 'ol time... grRRRuff- but all good things come to those who wait i suppose.

although the weather was great- i spent most of the weekend feeling a bit sickies. :( saturday i went for a morning walk and heard a strange bird... i stopped to look up in teh tree and was surprised to see that the squabbling culprit was infact a little squirrel- staring me striaght inthe face! i didn't know that squirrels made such noises! he was holding onto a brnach and looking right at me- again- he squabbled and i saw his little throat gobble up and down. sincehe was giving me soem squirrly lip- i decided to keep walking. on the walk- i had another 6 squirrel sightings. after a walk with the squirrels, we went to a bbq and to the first cemetery screening- the wizard of oz! it was a bit chilly but it was great to see it up big on my dearest valentinos mausoleum.

sunday i spent most of the day being sluggish trying to sleep to avoid my neck pain but as an early bird, i can only stay in bed for so long before i start getting ansty. still feeling a bit icky and i don't really want to go into work tmrw- but i suppose i have to, meh! so, for those who have to go to work ... or are lucky and get to stay home- here's to a happy monday to you all! :)


Cynthia said...

Oooh I cannot wait to see your zinnias and marigolds bloom! I just love it when i see nature come alive!
I hope you are feeling better tonight and also wanted to add how much I feel you about going in to work...I DON'T WANT TO either!!!
: ) Pleassant dreams

Robby Cress said...

I can't wait till the flowers bloom. The little urban garden is off to a good start :)

cindy said...

Robby~ you're a good man to move the TV out of the way for mother nature! :D

Zin~ give us weekly updates on your garden!