Thursday, May 20, 2010

soon to be etsy goodies...

tonight cutie is away so i decided to do something to surprise him... i decided to be a domesticated wifey and do the laundry i was thinking of maybe doing the dishes, but i didn't want him to have a heart attack- so those can wait... :)

before i decided to be wifey- i tried taking some new pics for my Beaton Branson Etsy shop. unfortunately- the lighting in our mini- apartment is the pits! we have 1 major light source- everything else are little lamps. i will have to get some pictures done on the weekend. i really need to get a move on my little shoppy-shop- poor thing has been a ghost town and has been completely neglected. here is a pic of some shoes that i will be putting up... and a dress that i attempted to take pics of- but didn't quite finish due to the lighting. these will be put up by Friday night or Saturday morning.

vintage Trotter Leather Weaved Oxfords - size 10 - $22

vintage R&K Knits- For Girl Who Knows Clothes- M/L - $25

it actually says that on the tag- thought that was kind of cute- for the girl who knows clothes, hehe. :) i still need to take more detailed pics- but here it is with a little close up of a little snag above the 2nd button (pic on the right). well- that's it for the quick post- my little baby zins are growing splendidly since the last pic below! :) hope everyone has a wonderful friday!


Cynthia said...

oooh...why didn't I ever get to borrow that dress or see it?! The shoes are quite cute too, too bad I'm an 8 1/2 ! They'll snach those up in no time!

Lisette said...

Hello Zinnia! You can get the pattern at
All their patterns are copyright free and the RUBY SHORTS pattern is only $3. Of course, you have to print it out at home and then assemble it, but it is a good time anyways.
If you decide to join in, let me know!