Tuesday, March 23, 2010

vandalisim by a digruntled muppet...

this is very strange. i woke up yesterday to find a smeared tomato on my poor little car! >:O<>

my apartment complex has a parking garage in the back- which i mean, you never see anyone out there unless they are leaving. the parking lot is not really a place that kids play- so i don't hitnk kids were playing a werid game of "lets catch the tomato" or anything. i park in between 1 sweet little old lady and 1 sweet little old man. i'm a pretty private and quiet person to my neighbors- all i do is smile and say hello to those who say it to me- and sometimes help my old lady neighbor with her groceries-- i'm literally an apartment neighbor saint!!! but apparently- someone thought it a brilliant idea to either toss or squish a tomato on my car!!!!

seriously people...C'MON! there are a few teenage kids in the apt- but i don't really think they'd be the type to mess around like that.... but if my car gets pelted with anythign else & if i catch the person who does it... i'm carrying a jar of pickle juice to throw at the naughty culprit!!!!

cutie said i should probably wash my car so the acid doesn't do anything to paint... great. if i catch you little brat--- pickle juice in the face for you!!!!

grrrrrRrRrrUFF!!! >:OP

Sunday, March 21, 2010

under construction...

ok- well- as for the few that actually follow this blog, i'm currently under construction. i want to do some stuff to my blog but am no where near to being finished. i'm fiddling with things and am just such a compy spazz that i can't figure it out. bah! oh well. it will all come together eventually... i think. ????

this last week has been a bit coo-coo. weird things at work and very strange dreams- some of which, had me actually murdering someone and then setting them on fire... DON'T ASK! then there's cleaning the apartment- which really seems to be a never ending project. is this post exciting??? no. but i think i'm just ranting on... its' my blog, i can rant if i like. :)

i have so much fabric in the apt, cutie has forbidden me to bring anymore home. we're actually trying to clean our little place and get rid of a bunch of stuff... yard sale style. next weekend i need to go to my moms and go thru a load of stuff!!! yard sale on in 2 weeks- Easter weekend, we plan to attack the church crowd. my blog has recently just been such a mish-mash pf project and ramblings- i want to fix it so i can have categories to put certain things in. i tried adding buttons- but you can see how those turned out! and now my boss is gone for the week and i have to go to work tmrw and face the week without her. sigh. oh well. well, it's not time for bed. i should try to get an early start tmrw. so i can sort some things out and then well. go home, sleep and do the same things all over again- bah!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

antiquing in san pedro

yesterday i was feeling just absolutely rotten- i literally stayed in bed all day, minus doing some laundry, i wasn't feeling well enough to actually fold anything. however, today, i woke up and flt so much better! i was deprived my saturday by feelings of queasiness and neckache. when i woke up, i decided to accept and invite from my friend hollie to go do some antiquing in san pedro. the store she originally wanted to take me to was closed...as were many of the stores, but luckily, we found a great antique store named best of times antique mall.
we found a load of really great old patterns. we would've bought the whole basket- but that would've taken my complete allowance that i put aside from my tax return. i bought 3 books, was able to narrow down the patterns i liked to 2 and a fabulous ring! it kind of looks like a little nest and 2 little pearls for prizes! :) this is the first ring i've bought in so long! i used to go antiquing quite regularly and i would indulge in fabulous vintage jewelery and have quite a collection of queer & kitschy cocktail rings and pins. so- here, the latest and greatest to add to my collection- my little gold nest ring. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

little hazel- part 1

alrighty- here is another project that i've gotten very enthused about. little hazel isn't finished yet, but she is well on her way. first little hazel is in pieces. this is my first attempt at making a doll- and well, i think she was also a bit enthused to get some fake bake going on and she got a bit crispy in the oven... a bit too crispy. lucky for her- i have a small little set of acrylics... and i can paint her back to one color. :) hehehe... hey, it's my first time! :) the bust that is also baking beside hazel was made by my friend hollie.
i'm excited to paint her though little miss hazel. i also want to make her some clothes. maybe a few outfits... :) not sure what i'll do about her hair, but i'll worry about that later. that will be her final little touch. :)
the only thin that i have a problem with- is, that my little brain seems to be a bit mixed up. it seems that i just want to do too many things- all at the same time. this problem seems to plague me and my best friend cynthia. what we need is to just stay home and just draw, work on crafts, and make clothes. i'd also like to cook for my cutie- i like cooking, but only seem to cook real meals on the weekend. sigh- so much to do and such little time to do it in! i dont' dig it when time passes so fast and it doesn't give me enough time to do what i like- hmph. argh.
oh well- i'm not holding my breath, but here's looking forward to the day that i can work from home! :)