Monday, December 28, 2009

also while i was out...

ok. not sure how this will show up once it's written- but i'm tired of fiddling! i did some doodles while on vaycay. not too many

- but the 2 that i did do i rather liked. the 2 blue pen scribbles were one on christmas eve while my cutie was still at work. that day and when i went on my bike ride- i saw all these little baby whirlies sweeping around. so i drew little leaves spinning around. the man on the right is a quick scratchy doodle of scott walker.i tried not taking the pen off the paper as i drew. i saw his documentary and i must say- i now want to buy more of his music. i have only 1 cd that i really like. i originally bought it cos i knew that el jarvo was a huge fan- so, naturally, i was a curious little bunny to see what jarv was raving about- so i bought a cd of his about 5 years ago and i really liked it. his voice is quite tasty and he was quite a handsome man in his younger days. grrrr! :)

not sure if i ever posted the bottom two. those were drawn a while back ago. they are of my new husband, cutie robby. today i begged him to take his pants off so i can take a few pics of him in his underwear- he's shy. he laughed and refused. he said i wanted to draw dirty pics- but not so! not dirty- just real life. :) i have to take pics of him to draw him or catch him while he's sleeping (as i did for the pics above.) little cutie has no interest in me drawing him and is a bit-ehm.. not so patient to actually sit for me. after much begging, he still refused, but gave me some snuggles instead. cutie-- one day i'm gonna get you to pose until my little hearts content- then you can be calm for a few months until i need more pics.


Crusheleptic said...

It's funny how these things work...My cuties used to beg his ex girlfriend to pose for him and she would refuse so he would draw her while she was sleeping too! Then has some doodles of her randomly as she's in the room not noticing she's being drawn! While here I am with him oresent day , more than willing to be drawn by my cuties , and he doesn't wanto to! Go figure you always want what you can't have-?!

Robby Cress said...

I don't want to be not drawn, I just have a hard time posing. I guess I will have to give in again sometime soon ;0