Sunday, December 27, 2009

seahorsies galore...

ok. here are some of the piccies that we took while at the aquarium. :) i'm a bit of a dink- so when this posts- teh pics will probably be all wacky and the text will be all out of order- eh! so be it. :) these are teh cute little seahorsies that i saw and i also put one of the jellyfish. as we were leaving the building- tehre arethes cute little seaotters. one of htem liked me and kept swimming towards me and spinning. i thikn he was showing off- but cute none the less. :) tmrw i have to go abck into work- bah! boOoOOo! after not working for six days- it makes going back so much harder! and knowing that cutie will be off for this entire week is also the pits... the jealousy is simply eating me up inside! ooOoOh! lucky him!
this weekend we did quite a bit. i felt somewhat kind of christmas limbo for a while and was sad to realize that today was my last day before work. we went and used soem of the gift cards we got- thanks ingrid, nate, sherry & bill and pops! :) and also to cutie for going with me to exchange a jacket that he bought me... sleeves were a little too long- so i found a jacket that had sleeves juuust my size. :) was about to buy soem really cute floral oxfords- but decided to save the dough. after having bought little baby comp- i think i should def save my pennies. i'm excited to save pennies this year. it wil be fun to watch our little house fund grow. :) little by little- slowly but surely. :) then- in a few years, cutie and i can buy a little home of our very own! :) exciting- que no??? si! :) toodles for now! looking forward to the new year! :) xoxo

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Crusheleptic said...

those little seahorses are the most magical thing ever! Aren't they a wonder?! would be cute to do a short film about these little guys.