Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas weekend festivites...

here are the little candy sishes that i hand painted for my co-workers! started in mid november and was painting until the last day before my vacation. tehy were actually little candle holders that i bought at ikea- but thought to paint them and pass them out filled with candy for christmas. peeps at work say that we should "make" our gifts. some people go all out- people have hand made little pillow people for a division. now thats commitment! although, i thikn my little handpainted trays was quite the commitment as well. i gigured people can keep them in the office and keep random little things in there- paperclips, tacs, whateva.

christmas was faboo. we had it at my moms house and ate, giggled and opened presents! :) we had my cousin tanny and her husband- so that was nice. i got a really cute little seah

orse charm bracellet from my cutie, some giftcards, some cecil beaton memoirs (also from teh cutie) a salvador dali book, an aweseom home recipe book from robby's family that is complete with separate sections. it's really nice to have seom of robbys fave recipes from when he was growing up. :) i also got a really cute houndstooth black and white coat and some other fun goodies! :) i also got a really aweseome xmas bonus so i was able to buy myself a little baby laptop! cutie set it up so i can get wireless abd hopefully with my new little baby laptop- i'll be able to keep up with the bloggy a bit better...hopefully? :)
wen to the long beach aquarium today with my cutie- i touched the stingrays- eeeeeeeew! :) tehy were really soft. teh real big ones were a little scratchy feeling. the star fish felt boney. i liked the sea horsies and teh jellyfish the most. teh jellyfish are jsut so amazing i think- soemthing that should be jsut floating up in space or seomthing! the sea horsies- well- they' are jsut such cute little mystical little creatures! they look completely out of this world- as though they belong in fairytales. i'll post piccies of those up maybe tmrw. :) ciao for now! :)

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Robby Cress said...

I think this weekend we should pick out one of those recipies to make :)