Friday, December 4, 2009


ok- so this i sketche dout literally in about a minute. it wa sa couple at the kooza show i saw last ngiht- i want to draw them properly in color- but i jsut had to get a quick sketch out before i fotgot htem. they were so adorable i htought and the theme of that particular set was "amore" :) she wore a red heart on her chest and he had a flower stuck to his bare chest over his heart. tehy both wore dizzy striep- completey appropriate for hte circus.. but is ecretly wondered if i would be able to wear her outfit... :) she was so tiny and petite- jsut like a little windup doll. he was on a unicycle and picked her up from the ground while stil in teh uni! he would tiwl her around while riding and at one point- she even stood on his head while he concentrated and peddled his way around the stage. i was in awe with my muoth open and my eyes glittering with amazment. coviner my mouth when i was afraid for them when he manuvered her around his shoulders and his waist liek she was a little rag doll. the show was amazing and i want to do soem more quick sketeches. the problem wiht me is i feel that when i draw- ia hve to draw everyhtign at once. i don't like takign days- but since i rarely have the time to finsih a whoel drawign all at once- i get stck with a book of quick sketches so i don't foget but no final product! argh! this is my problem.. and prefering snuggles on a couch than beign alone at a cold desk... that saturday i will draw. sunday- i will do to disneyland. :)

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