Friday, December 18, 2009

our thank you cards! :)

yay! they're here! :) my sissy painted this fabulous little pinting for us- which we've printed up as our thank you cards. it's us on a full moon night bike ride. :) a full moon was actually present on our wedding night so it's kind of perfect and i love that the little bouquet of flowers are actually made up of little hearts. :) my fabulous sister Ingrid Moira Bermeo painted this- NO ONE use this image without permission... or you'll certainly be sued... or something... now we just need to print up some pics of us to put in the thank you cards and we can hopefully get these out before the new year! ... and THEN we will be done with all this wedding biz... phew! :)

a special thanks to my sissy again who has said these original paintings were supposed to be our wedding gifts... ehm.. hint- hint... me wants so we can hang them up!!! :) xoxo

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