Sunday, June 13, 2010

weekend walk and a yummy

yesterday morning, my friend hollie and i went for a little walk- strictly for a nice little stroll... but well- we came across 3 yardsales! and i bought this cute little dress- the yardsales gal originally tried selling it for 10- but knocked it down to 5 when she saw a huge hole in the back- nothing that can't be fixed... but she didn't seem to know that.

anyhoo when i first saw the dress- the bodice reminded me of something that could've been 40's- but take a look all the way down- and this was definteily from the 70's- which can also be fabulous- but lately, there's been a bit more of a 30's- 40's vibe in the air for me. even though i don't... and probabaly never will fit into this dress- for $5 i thought it would be worth while to take it apart adn at least use it for pattern purposes- i can cut the skirt in half and cute little 40's dress i can have. :)
oh- and incase you didn't know it- i love to cook. here is a white bean and totellini soup i made- lately i don't know why- but i've been craving anything with beans... so tasty! cutie liked this so i felt like i got an "A" in the kitchen. :)

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Cynthia said...

I love yard sales! I haven't really been to one in a while but it's always fun even if you don't buy anything. That dress is cute, maybe sell it too on your shop? That soup looks really yummy, as I have been on soup binge lately : )