Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dress & hazel update...

ok- another dress update- at the rate that i'm going- i'll proabbaly have this dress finished by the first of july! well..a t least it will be finsihed, right? :) but here i've added my sleeves and after about 2 hours of fiddling with my machine- i finally figured out how to use elastic thread so that it actually sheared and not just sew flat- but with patience, you can achieve great things. :) so i kept at it and was able to shear the little sleeve ruffles adn i need to make it for the neckline too. and i've decided to change my skirt from my original mock-up and will have to redrape- aaaargh... ah- oh well. i will have a swell little dress for july! :)

my other update is on little hazel! she was first debuted a while back, but i'm trying ot finish her up for a surprise birthday gift for my boss (by tmrw!!!)... i'm hand sewing a dress and need to find something to use as hair- i was thinking of putting my own- but a girl i work with said she though it was too creepy and voodooish... bah! another girl did say she thought she was really cute to use my own - which i agree with but well... i'll save my locks for other dollies i suppose. :) next time you see hazel- she will be fully clothed! :)

so i guess with my dress taking forever- (and yes, i did get a mild scolding from cynthia) but it's not like i'm not doing aAaAanything- i've gotten a bit sidetracked with hazel and making a pink ruffle skirt for a co-workers little girl- who is sOooO adorable- so i am being a productive bunny... just being scattered around a bit is all. :)

thanks for stopping by and i hope you all have a fabulous day!!! :)


Cynthia said...

well will you look at that! It looks great!!! Your dress is going to be one of the most adorable things you own, I cannot wait to see it on you : ) yes, I did do some scolding, have so many great ideas and never finish! But I can see with this you are going through it all the way. I think it would be so darn cute if you were to use your own hair, I think it adds more of a pesonal touch. Wel, keep us posted!

vagabondshoes said...

love your aesthetic, and I love your blog! good post.

Zinnia Cress said...

cynthia- thanks! :) yes- i think my own hair would be best- but then it would leave mine all uneven- i'll wait to snip my hair for my and cutie's wedding anniversary... dame darcy dollies here we come!!! :)

vagabond shoes- thank you for the compliment- i'm glad you like my bloggy- do come back and visit. :)