Friday, June 4, 2010

not quite finished.. ehehee...

ok- so here is where i'm at with the dress so far. ehehhehe- no, i'm not finished with it yet- i should know myself better than to give myself timelines. i did do the mock up in a fakey fabric- but of course when i was going to cut it in the real fabric- i started fiddling with the pattern and with new fabric. i thought itwould be cute to make the top a different polka dot instead of using all the same fabric for the dress. i showed it to cutie and he agreed. :) so snipping i went. this morning i finished drafting the sleeve pattern. i bought a pattern drafting book in my school days- i blew off the dust and found that she was loaded with great info that she wanted to share-she was excited to strecth out on my desk...hehehee. :) so i'm planning on a bit of a puff sleeve and little ruffles around the neckline and sleeves- which i turned into a deeper scoop instead of a v and i may or maynot make a sash... i think i just might wear this with a belt... eh- we'll see! :)

quick little garden update! my marigolds and zinnias are starting to bore me... i'm waiting for some bloomin' flowers... argh.. although i do think it's a bit of an accomplishment that they've grown as much as they have. my last few planting projects failed miserably. what i AM super excited about is my strawberry plant (the littel white flower) and my little figaro figgy tree! :) i think the little white flower blooms turn into strawberries.. don't they??? a cute little transformation if thats how it goes. little strawberry seems to grow quite fast- i've seen her change almost everyday since i got her... what should i name her... any suggestions??? :) and i love seeing figaro every morning and evening to see which little leaf has sprouted from where.

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