Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Los Angeles Conservancy

last night- cutie and i went to the Los Angeles Theater in Downtwon LA to take part of "Last Remaining Seats", presented by The Los Angeles Conservancy. the movie at hand was The Graduate- and as much as i love the film... i must admit i think the Los Angeles Theater was the shining star of the night. as soon as we walked in- it took my breath away!!! here are jsut a few pics that made me go, "oOoOH- aAaAAh...." :)

pics from top- left to right.
first pic was taken of me by a woman named chris. i was infact, taking a picture of the mirrors of the bathroom. as i wasputting my camera away- she turned and said to me, "i'm sorry, but i just need to take a pciture of you taking a picture. would you mind taking another picture so i can take one of you?" i figured..."why not?". after she took it, i asked her if she can eml it. so, in the bathroom of the los angeles theater... as we were being escorted to our bathroom stalls- we exchanged information and she emld me this pic and i had it in my possesion in about a minute... isn't technology grand???

not as grand as the los angeles theater though... a very mini tour- as there is SO much to see if you ever visit the theater- at the top of the stairs- there was a GORGEOUS crystal fountain- (wasn't running that night) that looked like a chandelier- the french inspired mural behind the fountain was painted by mexican muralist Candelario Rivas. i was thinking about maybe taking a tour of the theater- with the handsome Tony Valdez- ehhehe- who helped host the night and interviewed the producer from the gradute, Lawrence Turman, who was pretty hilarious- ehhee. :)

if ever in the LA area- i'd recommend taking one of the walking tours- you won't regret it. ;) i had seen this movie before, but it was different watching it on the big screen how it was meant to be watched- with a crowd of people. i don't think i ever realized how funny the movie wactully was when i had seen it on my small tv screen. i'm glad we went to see this for discovering the theater as well as getting the chance to see Mr. Turman. :) so- if you haven't seen the graduate yet... do.


Cynthia said...

I don't think I have ever been...or have i? Well, regardless I will go this summer.I don't think people fully realize how much L.A. has to offer, there are so many hidden little treasures all around, and I'm not talking about just "old Hollywood" things either. The pictures look lovely, good job : )

Zinnia Cress said...

oh defintiely! there are so many great things in downtown la- great historic buildings, hidden gardens, museums, open air markets with tasty yummies, the list goes on and on. i've been lucky enough to see about 3 or 4 different theaters in downtown with cutie- all gorgeous in their details. :)