Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy birthday to my very cool mama!!!

ok- so- here i am- to celebrate my mama! it's her birthday today and i just wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of her and my pops. (they were the team that made me ya' know...) :) i called her early in the morning with cutie to sing a duet of the birthday song- we were the first callers of the day and with our incredible singing voices (ahem!) i'm sure we made her morning! :)
i love the first pic of my mama (born juana colombia novoa-alvarado)- the way she's just lounging around and the expression on her face is just so perfect casual cool. hehehhe. :) the 2nd picture is of my mama and pops - hehehe- i think he looks a like such a a little boy in this pic. :) both pictures were taken on their honeymoon. which made my mama a tender 19 years old. :)

these pics are also gorgeous of my parents i think! i actually have these on our wall- soon to be in our new craft room! :) my mama and pops dressed as primitaive cave people... scary!!! i love my moms eyes in this pic! the 2nd pic was them looking superb of course near christmas time. :) i want to find a silver tree just like that for christmas! :) so to my mama, i want to wish a fabulous, spectacular happy birthday and 100 more to come! :) i love you, i love you, i love you! :)
and well- here we are back in bloggy world and and out of the dizzying world of love i have for my mama- ehhehe. :)

(hard at work for diddly!)
ok- so i did not just completely ditch my dress- but here i am- (pics were taken this morning- so do excuse my jammies and my mess of hair.) so i draped and made a pattern for the skirt... which was a big mistake- cos duh! after i made my pattern- i remembered i couldn't use this pattern for this dress- as the print has a stripe border at the end- and i should've gone with the skirt that i had originally already sewn for the mock- up! aRrrrgh! there was obviously a reason why i had draped it the way i originally did for the mock-up! i should learn to trust my first instincts! it would've saved me a lot of time! now i have to make another mock-up as i think i tossed the original one out- cos i had the clever idea of making a different skirt... argh... mhrgehvenri!

to end this post- i will leave you with my mommy frolicking in the snow. :) happy birthday- i love you!!! xoxoxo
...and thank you for reading....


Cynthia said...

Oh wow! your mama looks just like Lizzie and Ingrid! Mostly Lizzie, same facial expressions and all...very cute tribute to your mommy : )
Your craft room looks great! I can't wait to go over for craft nights. Hurry with that dress....we are all waiting

vagabondshoes said...

you mom sounds awesome! many happy birthdays to her :)

Debi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! These are great photos!

Bill said...

Didnt recognize that it was your mom & dad. Cant wait to see all of you in july!